Kit Design Competition

Calling all kit designers, artists and football kit enthusiasts! Here's your chance to be part of history. 

For the first time, STINGZ™ is offering you the chance to work with our team of professional designers to design the official Matabeleland Football Confederacy (MFC) Home Playing Jersey for the 2021/2022 season!

Three finalists will be chosen by STINGZ and the MFC, and their designs will be put to the public vote to decide the overall winner, which will be produced by STINGZ and worn by the MFC team. 


The competition is open to participants of all ages and designers of all abilities. So, whether you are a professional designer, or simply a football enthusiast, we want to see your designs!

To enter, send your design to by midnight on 16/5/2021. 

A mock-up of the three designs will then be drawn up by our specialist team. While they will do their best to maintain the integrity of the original design, they may be required to amend the designs to include the STINGZ logo and signature accents on the kits before they are then put to the public vote.

Voting will take place on our Twitter and Facebook platforms around two weeks after the three finalists have been chosen. 

The winning design will be worn by the MFC’s men’s and women’s first team during the 2021/2022 seasons. The winner will receive a full set of home, away and training jerseys as a grand prize along with recognition for the winning design.  

MFC’s Home Jersey has historically been predominantly white, but adorned with traditional, vibrant and colourful patterns and motifs that reflect the team, the culture, and the people. A series of photos depicting Matabeleland’s heritage can be found below.



Terms and Conditions:

  • Although the winning designer(s) will be credited as the designer(s) of the winning kit design (the “Winning Design”), the designer(s) shall be deemed to have provided STINGZ with the exclusive and royalty-free/payment-free right to use the Winning Design or any derivatives of the same, for perpetuity, with respect to (among others) all kit and all other merchandise to be manufactured by STINGZ™ and all STINGZ's™ advertising, marketing and promotional material (soft and/or hard copies);
  • The designer(s) of the Winning Design shall not use the Winning Design for any other purpose other than this competition. In particular, they agree not to use the Winning Design on any item of clothing or any other product whatsoever or howsoever, irrespective of whether such use is for personal use, promotion, commercial gain or otherwise; and
  • The grand prize for the Designer(s) of the Winning Design shall be a set of Matabeleland Football Confederacy’s home, away and training jerseys only, and the Designer(s) shall not be entitled to any payment, remuneration and/or other benefits howsoever and whatsoever, direct or indirect, actual, contingent or otherwise, in relation to the Winning Design or derivatives therefrom; and
  • By entering into this competition and submitting designs, all participants, including the eventual winning designer(s) of the Winning Design, shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions unequivocally.