STINGZ™ unleash the dragon on Winsham FC

We are pleased to unveil Winsham United Football Club's new official home playing jersey for the forthcoming season.
Established in 1895, Winsham is a football club with a rich history. To reflect the club’s heritage, we adopted a retro approach, adding a modern twist to the home jersey design. We opted for a formal button-up collar, but a modern colour-block approach, with pinstripes and the club’s dragon crest watermarked into the front and back panels. The jersey comes in the club’s traditional red and black home colourway.


The club’s dragon crest is said to be inspired by the white pendragon, a symbol of the area once known as Wessex and the times of King Arthur. Others have said that, since Winsham sits on the border between Devon and Dorset, the dragon was inspired by the Somerset Wyvern dragon.

Despite the club’s 125 year history, they revamped the crest two years ago, incorporating the current, modern rendition of the dragon.

To show just how far the club has come, we managed to get out hands on a wonderful team photo from 1910/1911 season.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of Winsham’s Away Jersey, as well as the Home and Away GK Jerseys.