Typeset and match! Fonts to elevate shirts to new level

DESIGN has always been at the forefront of STINGZ’s™ ethos and is something the team prides itself on, offering sports clubs bespoke team wear featuring artwork that uniquely tells their story.

While delivering strong team branding for clubs around the world, STINGZ™ has also been working to create its own bespoke typography to compliment its unique sports apparel designs.

STINGZ™ have worked with long-term collaborator and good friend, Lia Tanasa to develop two new typography and number type sets, that will be available for clubs to choose from during the design process of their on and off field kit.

Lia is a talented graphic designer with a big passion for sports logos and sports identity design, and is the brains behind a number of STINGZ™ rebranding projects, including TIFA (Tuvalu Islands Football Association), Kernow FA and our upcoming project involving Forton Rangers FC.  She is also the owner and founder of LTDESIGNSSS - a graphic design studio that provides visual solutions while telling a story for sports brands and teams all over the world.

For many sports clubs, the team’s logo is an important way to recognise its history, or even, intimidate its opponents. Often a club’s logo or crest adopts the team’s colours. But another important element of branding is typography and type design, the art of designing new type faces and using them to create eye-catching and memorable designs.

Lia says: “My work consists of simplicity and legibility. I believe that a logo should stay true to the brand while at the same time have character, legibility, simplicity and uniqueness. From the experience I have gathered over the years, I strongly believe these four primary elements will not only make a logo system work, but also make it everlasting.”

At STINGZ™ we wanted to create a new typeface that embodied our ethos for sharp, unique design.

Here, Lia explains her design process and how she approached the brief.

She said: ““It has always been a pleasure working with STINGZ™. Each project has been a joy to work on and I have always loved the freedom they entrust me with!

“This time, STINGZ™ wanted me to develop a unique set of numbers and fonts for their own brand. The idea was both fonts needed to be unique and different from each other. Fort - is a tall and dramatic font, coming in one weight with upper and lowercase glyphs, followed by the basic punctuation. 

Sharp Edge - as the name says has a lot of both elements - edge and sharpness. This typeface (font family) was developed with a sense of motion and speed in mind. Even though has a blocky/chiselled base, each letter has its own uniqueness and character. 

“Once both fonts were done, the number sets were a breeze to work with. Fort’s number set has a retro look, hence the inline, but continuing to stay fresh and modern. Sharp Edge’s number set has a sense of ‘aggressiveness’ and power to it. The 45 degree cuts give the numbers balance, edge and legibility.

“Both fonts fit well within the sportswear STINGZ™ provides and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!”


The new type sets Sharp Edge and Fort, will be available to all our partners, clubs, teams and athletes after 1st November 2020.

To see more work from Lia and Ltdesignsss follow her on Instagram @ltdesignsss or Dribbble - @ltdesignsss