Replica Serbia Rugby Away

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This is a lightweight, premium poly fabric replica of the authentic players’ jerseys. It features a breathable, moisture-wicking design for performance and comfort.

The Serbian Men’s National Rugby Away Jersey for the 2020/2021 season is primarily white with dark red and blue accents.

Both the home and away jersey features two cultural motif-patterned hoops, inspired by the Pirot kilims, or traditional Serbian weaved rugs. The 400-year-long tradition of kilim weaving derives from south eastern Serbia.

The figures on the kilims all bear colourful names like the Devil’s Knees, Tulip, Turtle, Queen’s Sleeve, Hook, Snail and Mirrors. These cultural motifs are mostly variants of branched geometric forms made with straight and diagonal lines, making them distinctive and eye-catching.

On the left sleeve is the Serbian flag while on the right sleeve is the Rugby Europe logo. On the front left chest is the crest of the Rugby Union of Serbia (Рагби Савез Србије), while on the front right chest is the STINGZ logo. Sitting at the centre of the front panel is the logo of title sponsors, global fashion apparel brand Giordano.

Pictures shown are the official players' shirt.

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